Transfer Agreement System

7.5. None of the rights or obligations arising from this Agreement are otherwise transferred or transferred without the prior written consent of the other contracting parties. Always discuss your transfer plans at an early stage with a UW or WTCS transfer advisor to make sure you are using the agreement or transfer guide that is best for your academic goals. UCTA programs may meet different requirements for a student depending on the requirements of the courses related to the main subject you declare. The preamble states that the “transfer” of regulated genetic resources subject to the agreement has given prior approval in an informed way. A bio-prospecting agreement already in place would indicate that prior consent was given knowingly to the collection, but that it must not explicitly give prior, knowingly, consent to the transmission and use of regulated genetic material. The third part of the guidelines, entitled “Pre-Informed Consent,” should be applied. Comment: The definition of benefits to be shared will be very different depending on the needs of the transferor (s), the needs of designated beneficiaries such as Aboriginal or local communities, the commercial value of the transferred physical samples, the expected use of the samples, the likelihood of using the samples to produce a commercially viable product, and other factors. Therefore, it is not appropriate to propose a model formula for the nature of benefits or how benefits should be shared, as no uniform definition will be appropriate in all circumstances. 4) a “bio-prospecting agreement,” a written agreement between a bio member and a contracting party or a supplying party, which concerns (i) prior consent after information and (ii) conditions for the collection and use of regulated genetic resources, including, among other things, the distribution of benefits; It is recognized that, in some cases, it is advantageous to transfer “traditional knowledge” related to a regulated genetic resource, as well as samples of the resource. This version of the model does not contain provisions for traditional knowledge transfer, but this model could be extended to convey traditional knowledge. It should be noted that Part V of the 4.2.

The [taker] [and the agency, for which the taker acts as agent], samples of materials [and genetic resources or other materials produced from these samples] transferred in accordance with Article 3 of this agreement are returned or destroyed these genetic samples and resources or any other material prescribed by the [Transferor]] when the [reducator] performs the uses covered in paragraph 1 of this article. , unless necessary to meet the requirements for disclosure of patent applications or variety protection. 3.3. The [transferee] shall not transfer samples of materials made available by the [transferor) and not transfer genetic resources produced using these samples to others, except: 1 bio members find that some use the term “material transfer agreement” as any contract for the collection of genetic resources, transfer of genetic resources or transfer of traditional knowledge.